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21st Century Learning Center

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The SPOT 21st CCLC Program K-4 and 5th-6th Grade (Middle School Readiness) 

Welcome to the NEW 21st Century Program at The SPOT! This year the SPOT will offer a K-4th program and a new 5th grade program.  The 5th grade 21st CCLC program will support your students transition and adventure to middle school. 

The 21st CCLC programs are FREE to Sallie B. Howard and CCS students K-5th grade students.

100% free for families attending

The program starts September 5th ; 3:00pm-6:30pm; Monday-Friday

*Transportation from school and follows the Wilson County Schools school calendar.

*TRANSPORTATION HOME is available on an emergency basis.  Limited spaces.

This program is designed to assist students who are having difficulties gaining academic progress in the traditional classroom setting by using diverse and innovative teaching methods combined with small class sizes and highly qualified staff. Students in this program will have hands-on learning opportunities to support their academic progress in school while also supporting their overall wellbeing through nutritious meals, physical activity, and social-emotional learning. 

How to Register:

1. If you are new to The SPOT, start with the "NEW member" form under "register"


Returning members complete the "Existing Member" form using your SPOT identification Number

2. Complete the registration form

3. Send the required forms/links to complete your registration (linked at the bottom of the page)

*the links to complete step 3 also can be found in the registration below

The partnership with Wilson County Schools not including the charter or private schools ended on July 5, 2023.  The SPOT is committed to serving all students in Wilson County and all program are open to all student grades K-5th no matter what school your enrolled in during the 2023-24 school year. 


The SPOT goals are to serve students in Wilson County through school choice, creative education, individualized teaching methods, integrated technology, core subject growth,  STEM projects and social & emotional wellness strategies. 

Registration Form

*This form may not appear on mobile devices. If you are on a mobile device, please use the button above to complete registration. 

registration form

Required Links/Forms


Teacher Questionnaire 

Use the template below to send an email to your child's teacher.

By copying and sending this information you are giving permission for the teacher to send information directly to The SPOT on behalf of your student for enrollment qualification. The SPOT holds an information confidentiality agreement with Wilson County Schools for the current school year. 

To Whom it may concern, 

I am enrolling my student in the Fill The GAP summer program at The SPOT. For my student to qualify they need information from their teacher showing a need for additional assistance in math/reading/or social development.

I am giving permission for you to complete this form on behalf of my student to expedite the enrollment process. Please use the link below

Get the APP!

Download the APP and join the 21st CCLC group! The app is where we send updates and reminders.

For example snow days, field trips, and everyday accomplishments! The app allows us to stay connected in these constantly changing times!

*Please contact us for instructions if you do not have a smart phone.

USE This code when prompted 

RSVP to Orientation

There are 2 ways to RSVP!

Use the app or go to calendar online. You can find the calendar in the website menu or skip to the RSVP below

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