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Football 2024

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First off, I always must say all honor to Christ himself! These 2023 Warriors have over achieved charts, teams, and making some more history for sure! Big ups to our Varsity Squad as well, for a hard fighting season!🫡 Coach Pittman, Coach Ball, and Coach Brandon!💪 We will see y'all next year! Let's prepare Coaches, Parents, Players, and staff for our 2023 10u & 8u champions! We all have work hard for this moment. It's gone be a dog fight out there, but we're a lot more hungrier, thirstier, and gotta have it the most kind right now! My babies told me last night "Da I don't wanna leave The Spot", so someway, some how we're gonna continue our journey here with you guys! ❤️ Lets prepare mentally, guys & the physical always follows! LETS GOOOOO WARRIORS! We've earned this you guys, and our respect out here this season!🥇🏆👌💪👑

Nov 13, 2023

Coach Skip - funny you post this today, Walston and I were just talking last night about your boys and he said “I really don’t want to play against them!” BROTHERS always, WARRIORS always! Let’s finish this season STRONG 💪!



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