Greater Rotary Academy

For K-2 Grade Students

The SPOT will be offering a new Private Academy for Kindergarten-2nd  grade students in the 2022-23 school year!

This private school option will offer an affordable school alternative to education in Wilson, NC with opportunities for reduced fees through NC State Education assistance Funding, Opportunity Scholarships

Official Enrollment Applications open Soon!


$4,500 per year ($450 per month)

*Technology and Books Included

*after school available for an additional fee


In the Classroom


Small class sizes of 12 students per class and hands-on learning opportunities will create a successful learning environment. 

Students will be taught using the 4 learning styles and will continue to advance through the curriculum with an evaluated learning plan that meets their needs.  We believe this tailored form of education will advance student proficiency beyond the average gains typically received in one academic year. 

Kids Gardening
Kids Playing Tug of War

The Greater Rotary academy will operate on a normal school calendar.  The first day of class will be September 6, 2022


Drop off opens 7:30am

Pickup open until 3:15pm

$4500 per year 

($450 per month)

Apply for an opportunity scholarship grant today.

Register as a new parent / family and complete the application today.

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt


Enrollment is open! 

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The Greater Rotary Academy is registered under the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education and under this registration the school is a legal private school. Parents/guardians of the enrolled students are fulfilling the
requirements of the compulsory school attendance laws of the State of North Carolina.

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