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Test Page

This page is hidden. You can use it to test new functions, designs, layouts, buttons, etc. buttons

After creating a simple check out button on click save


This will open the next screen where you can preview the button and display  the "html code" It kind of looks like a really long website link starting with a < and ending with >  

Copy this code (make sure you get the entire code)


Return to this page, or the page you wish to add the button within the editor.

The rest of the steps can be completed on any page of the website, but if you are just testing a button this page aka "test page" is here for that purpose.

Click the "+" button on the left. this will open up choices to add to the website such as text, lightboxes, images, etc. 

to add the button from click "embed code" 

Select "html code" 


paste the html code you copied from activate. 


Click update and adjust the position of the button as needed.

*If you are getting an error at this stage make sure it starts with a   "<" and ends with ">" 


Because this page is hidden from general users you CAN "publish" in the top right corner, but you can also use the preview option. 


If you publish you can send: to another staff member to have someone within the organization test behind you to check for ease of use and even different browsers like chrome, firefox, iphone, android, etc. 

*if you are getting an error when clicking on the actual button, you may need to check within for any errors

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This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors.

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